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Building Commission
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Builders Packet
Revised 11/04/09

The construction or modifications of buildings and improvements on real property in the Point Venture residential community is governed and regulated by the Village of Point Venture (the “Village”) and the Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions applicable to each such property (collectively, the “Deed Restrictions”).  All Village Ordinances relating to construction and building structures are administered and enforced by the Village Building Commission (the “BC”).  The Point Venture Architectural Control Committee (the “Point Venture ACC”) is the designated authority under the Deed Restrictions for review and approval of proposed new construction as well as additions and alterations to structures in the Point Venture residential community.  The BC and Point Venture ACC are separate entities and you must obtain the necessary permits and approvals from both prior to beginning any construction activity. 

This packet is provided to assist you with the process of submitting plans to and obtaining the required permits and approvals from the BC and Point Venture ACC.  The information and forms included within this packet include:

Building Commission:

  1. Building Commission – Building Guidelines
  2. Building Commission – Requirements for Remodeling, Additions, and Revisions to Existing Homes
  3. Basic Development Building/Remodeling Permit Application
  4. Floodplain Development Permit Application
  5. Floodplain Acknowledgment
  6. Construction Inspection Requirements
  7. Silt Fencing Requirements
  8. Culvert Requirements
  9. Fee Schedule
  10. General Contractor’s Cash Bond Refund Request & Final Inspection Report for Certificate of Occupancy
  11. Notice – Noise Control
  12. BC Checklist for Plan Submittal
  13. BC Plan Submittal Record
  14. Warning Notice
  15. Notice to Builders/Owners 


  1. Mailbox Requirements
  2. Point Venture Rules & Information
  3. Procedures for Receiving a Certificate of Occupancy
  4. Building on a Lot Located in the Floodplain
  5. FEMA Elevation Certificate
  6. Surveyor's Guide to the Elevation Certificate

The information and documents provided in this packet are subject to change or revisions, and you need to recheck with the Point Venture Building Commission and Point Venture ACC for updates to this packet before submitting plans to avoid any delay caused by an incomplete submittal.